“Every man cheats but if he loves you enough, you’ll never find out.” -Amber Rose S02E02

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  1. My boyfriend cheated on me this past month and it’s really impacted me in a huge way. I found inappropriate conversations on his phone between him and this girl, they also exchanged disturbing pictures. When I confronted him and the girl (yes I called her to give her a piece of my mind), they both assured me that it was nothing serious and it’s something that hasn’t even been going on for no longer than 3weeks and that they have never really met. My boyfriend apologised and said that he can’t imagine being with anyone else other than me and that it was just a silly mistake and that moment of weakness got the better of him. OK fine, just as I was trying to move past all of that shit. I kept over thinking stuff, trying to think back to the past 3 weeks and calculate when they could’ve actually met and all that, worst thing I could’ve done to myself. I mean early that month he was distant, he wouldn’t touch nor look at me he was always concentrating on his phone, not even to mention how we weren’t having any sex. The worst is actually thinking that it’s probably my fault, I’m probably lacking somewhere, I actually went about and changed my image for him. He promised that he wouldn’t do it again, we tried getting things back on track and things really did feel like how they were for the past 14 months before his ‘mistake’ happened. Sadly, I still get emotional just thinking about. I’m very aggressive towards him and I have physically hurt him, slapped him around a few times but all of that is so not me. Last week I found out that the girl had actually been to his place, been in the bed that we sleep on, I mean who else wouldn’t be angry over that? There’s nothing more I hate than being made a fool other than be lied too. I was fuming when I confronted him about bringing the bitch over to his place that things got very physical. This situation is turning me into someone I don’t like. I’m super insecure, angry, I don’t feel attractive anymore nor do I feel pretty and the thoughts I have scare me!! I found out where that girl stays and hangs out, I bought a knife specially for her and I know I’m gonna end up in serious trouble if I don’t take control of the situation. But how? I mean, I really love this guy. I’ve literally given him my all, there’s nothing I don’t do for him and his family. Hell, his family is practically mine too. He expects us to pick up and move on as if nothing happened but I can’t. I’m unhappy, I’m miserable, angry and I’m out for blood. I really don know how to going about fixing this fixing me…

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