Shopping Is Torture For Plus Size Women. Or is it?

You guys! I got home last week Thursday and decided to try something I have NEVER dared try before. SHOPPING ONLINE . I know, you’re probably thinking 1 of two things : 1. Where have you been? We’ve been shopping online. 2. Are you insane?! How do you know the clothes will look good or fit? With all these Big Girl Shopping Struggles (BGSS) – the bright lights that reveal everything, the change room mirrors that over emphasize and the body shaming sales assistants, I was more than ready to try something new.

My experience? I LOVED IT! I shopped from SA’s most fashionable online store, and when I say it was easy I mean it was easy. The site is pretty user friendly. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m very particular when it comes to style and fabrics, if I can’t feel it, I need to see clear detailed images which Spree has (thank you!)

Turtle Neck                                                                Black Turtle Neck

IMG_20160425_114433 (3)                                                               Grey Turtle Neck

IMG_20160425_125127 (2)                                                               Trench Coat Camel

IMG_20160428_123918 (2)                                                                     White Jersey

For more amazing plus size winter pieces shop ! You’re welcome. 😉

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