Are men too ashamed of being seen with plus size women?


  1. I am a very plus sized woman with a husband who is crazy in love with me. I have always been plus sized but have gained weight during our marriage. It is possible.

  2. Hi Lala, That’s a good question you asking.

    Well for me, i have been dating full-figured woman and it’s my preference. I’m not ashamed of it. I love full-figured women. Its not all about their body, it’s also about how they wear their sizes, personalities, embracing their bodies, taking care of themselves. i get turned on by plus size who knows what she wants, who is not afraid to be told about her looks and who is able to stand her ground.

    I love a plus size they way she is because i found her that way and i have nothing to change about her looks because when i met her, she was full-figured and why must i change her looks to suit my needs? I’m not too ashamed to be seen with a plus size women.

    I always says #ThicknessAllTheway

  3. I have been following the Curvy Nation page on facebook and i just subscribed to this blog.I appreciate thick woman and I’m looking forward to reading more posts on this blog.

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