“I have never really been about current trends, I’m about MOOD.” – Lala

I have been asked a few times what inspires my style and I always say it’s whatever I feel like wearing in that moment. I have never really been about current trends, I’m about MOOD. I believe that style is about freedom. I quite like the idea of showing up looking “girly girl” and then switching to more a tomboy look. There is something so empowering and sexy about being confident enough to dabble in different looks and eras.

We are so lucky to be living in the sunny southern part of the hemisphere (South Africa) so winter isn’t always about long coats, ear muffs and thermal stockings.

I linked up with one of my fav people (my gf Nozi) to shoot my first lookbook and I had soooooo much fun. =) In this winter lookbook I played around with different looks from daytime chic to “meet you in the evening for drinks.”

20150707_144349 (2)

This  is my perfect daytime meeting style because it is simple, COMFORTABLE and still chic. This mustard- yellow blazer gives me life and the beauty is it works with any skin tone and I’m all for that.

20150707_132817 (2)

“Confidence is being able to rock a pencil skirt even if you don’t have a flat tummy.” – ME 😉 I’m sure you have guessed this is the “corporate look” and although I’m not part of the corporate world, I’m a business woman and sometimes I just have to remind them I’m the boss of my brand. #powerplaythroughfashion

20150707_150714 (2)

Even though I’m in the sunny southern parts sometimes our winters get grey, I choose to face them in black and white.

20150707_140212 (2)

I will never say no to a crop top! They have become such a part of my style and what I love most about them is you can make them work for ANY and EVERY occasion. Black on black has been my look for a minute and I’m not turning back anytime soon, but why not surprise them and add a pop of colour.

20150707_134606 (2)

One of my style signatures are my shades, someway somehow I will incorporate them to remind you that I’m still Lala.

20150707_142004 (2)

I want to be prepared because sometimes drinks with my friends means “let’s see where the night goes, we may just end up at the club.” #FlawedToPerfection is trying those different looks because your mood says there are NO RULES.

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