“My first love was some insignificant boy when it should have been myself.” – Michelle K.

IMG-20150705-WA0008 (3)

IMG-20150705-WA0003 (2)

IMG-20150705-WA0009 (3)

Dress: Woolworths, Nude heels: Woolworths


  1. I love the quote.
    I can relate to it in all aspects of my life. As a girl I was never really told by my father, mother or brothers how beautiful I am or was. Mind you I was very skinny. I’ve since grown into a fully figured woman which causes men to draw attention to and I hate it. When I had developed all these curves and ass now everybody starting telling me how fat I’ve become. My first boyfriend made me like myself, my last one made me appreciate myself. But I have since taught myself that if I don’t love me, I can’t expect someone else to love me. They in any fact could never love me like I love me.

    Self love is everything.
    No matter how you look, appreciate you. You are beautiful. In every way.

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