Dear Friends & Bullies

I have been called every name under the sun

Fat bitch #snap!

Chunky legs #snap!

Pot belly #snap!

Sandton bitch #snap!

E for elephant #snap!

Coconut #snap!

And I have even been teased about the size of my butt, but you know what I did? I TOOK MY BODY IMAGE INTO MY OWN HANDS and I have spoilt you negativity trolls with

Fabulous poses #Snap!

A successful brand #Snap!

Successful campaigns #Snap!

A fabulous personality #Snap!

Beautiful body #Snap!

Creativity #Snap!

Over the top laugh #Snap!

AND trust me, all you being bullied about your body, it gets better!! Because loving your body will carry you but being insecure about your own and bullying others about theirs will not.



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