I Want To Be Chrisette Michele For A Day

I had so much fun doing this post because I didn’t think about it, everything happened spontaneously. I’ve been putting in work at the gym and every week I ask my helper to take a picture so I can document my progress. Today she suggested I put on these new leggings I got from my girlfriend and pose, so I did. I gave her a 5min crash course in lighting, angles and zooming and then she turned into Karl Lagerfeld with her excessive critiquing on my poses, my inability to stop laughing and the way my clothes looked. I would do this again!!

My overall inspiration for this look is Chrisette Michele. I loooooooooooove how laid back, comfortable and effortlessly beautiful she always looks. This is also the first time in a while I have my natural hair and so of course I had to get hairstyle inspiration from her too.

Oh.. did I mention I didn’t have any shoes on. =/

Crop top: Cotton on, Leggings: Unknown

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