“Why Should I Tone It Down?”





This particular blog entry means everything to me. I decided to change it up a little and have my mom shoot the pictures, direct me in my poses and choose my accessories (although I kind of guided her in the direction and look I was going for =)).

When it comes to shades I have to admit I’m not always the smartest buyer. If I see a particular frame I like or the colour screams at me, I buy it and figure the rest out later. In retrospect these aren’t the most flattering frames for the shape of my face but I figured I should wear them so I don’t feel completely bad about my purchase. Initially I was not convinced by the choice in neckpiece but I actually like how it is completely different and takes the overall look in an unfamiliar (to my personal style) direction.

The second look is the big, bold, gold neckpiece paired with the big, bold, gold earrings. Can you say OTT (over the top)?? I’m not as daring with my accessories as I am with some of my fashion choices but this particular look I LOVE. Why should I tone it down? I’m a Gemini and one of my many alter egos is over the top and these accessories embody her.

Skirt: Last season Cotton On item, Top: Edgars, Neckpieces: NtoZinhle, Earrings: YDE


  1. Wow nice i like how do i go about posting pics on plus size me? Do i have to be a model in order to post pics?

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