“You do not need the next person to tell you how gorgeous you are.”

This is what a few men had to say about plus size women.

What makes plus size women attractive?

Kels: For me, it would be the personality more than her physique. I need to be drawn to her mind before anything else. But what attracts me to a plus size woman even more is how she wears her curves. I love a woman that embraces her being more than anything else. Her personality needs to accompany her physicality. There’s nothing more attractive than a winning attitude.

Lee: More than anything character and more often than not, fuller figured women have got big hearts and pretty faces.

Earl: There is nothing sexier than a plus size woman who knows she is plus size and beautiful and dresses the part.

Are you open about your attraction to fuller figured women?

Kels: My attraction to fuller figured women is no shame nor is it a secret. Same applies with other women. I have no boarders.

Lee: It’s not an attraction to fuller figured women, for me if there is an attraction then it is irrelevant whether she is fuller or not.

Earl: I’m open about it.

Are there certain things you feel you can’t do with fuller figured women or things you especially want to do with them?

Kels: I don’t believe that there’s anything I would do with an average figured woman that I wouldn’t do with a fuller figured woman. The only force capable of depriving me of that would be her, no one else.

Earl: From a physical “active” aspect, not all thick or plus size women are unfit. People tend to assume that you’re big so it automatically means you’re unfit. Looking at it from this view I say you can do whatever you want to just like everybody else.

How do you react and feel when fuller figured women “fat talk/body shame” themselves in front of you or when you see it on tv?

Kels:  It kinda sucks hey. I don’t understand why fuller figured women “fat talk” themselves. They should embrace their bodies, feed their joy and starve their doubts.

Lee: To be honest if people want to talk bad about themselves they need to stop talking and do something about it.

Earl: You don’t need to work on “perfecting yourself”. It can be self-defeating and a waste of time. I personally believe perfection is a myth and it doesn’t exist in the real world unless you are a robot that was built. Many women who struggle with eating, weight and body image spend huge amounts of energy trying to change their appearance. They make their bodies their life’s work putting their lives on hold “waiting to be thin”.

Why do you think it is important for women to “shhhut down fat talk?”

Kels: Words either build or destroy a person. If they continue with “fat talk”, chances of them ever finding happiness and being comfortable in their own skin are pretty slim. You do not need the next person to tell you how gorgeous you are. Pay yourself a compliment, make your own day and shut down fat talk.

Lee: Negativity breeds negativity, it is that simple.

Earl: There are a lot of stereotypes and assumptions that are incorrect and untrue. When plus size women stop being negative towards themselves the incorrect stereotypes, assumptions and negative comments about them will vanish. Those of us who aren’t plus size will look beyond size and look at the person within.

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