You want a healthy body? Then get to Work!

Exercise is extremely important. And nope, unfortunately there are no myths about this one. Exercise not only keeps the body fit and strong, it does a whole host of other useful things too! Don’t believe us? See what the beauties at have to say about it:

Gabi Fresh
Gabi Fresh

We’ve been really active for a while now, but we sometimes find that doing the same exercises can get extremely boring. So, we made it our mission to look for other ways to stay in shape, de-stress and (most importantly) have fun while doing it…YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT WE’VE FOUND!! There are all kinds of exercise groups, running groups, and park sessions hidden in and around our beautiful city. For example, go for a run with NIKE (registration happens in stores. We’ve just shared this to get you warmed up… If running isn’t quite your thing, go to your local gym or dance studios and find out what kind of classes you can join. Need a little more inspiration? Check out this really cool article below.


  1. I am for keeping healthy and fit. Im at university n since the year has started i have not found time to go to the gym… any exercises i can do in my room maybe before i sleep??

    • Hi Belzy,

      Each person’s exercise regime is unique to what they want to gain (e.g. muscle) or lose (e.g. body fat). Our best advice is to speak to some of the trainers at the gym and get their qualified opinion on a routine that would best suit your needs.

      All the best!

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