gallery Bald is bold?

This has to be one of the hardest looks to pull off, it’s either you have the right facial structure and head shape or you don’t. Apart from the physical criteria, there is this emotional attachment most women have to their hair and feel almost naked without it.

If you are tempted to go bald(/super short) and need the extra push, here are 5 reasons you should just do it:

1. Your hair does not define you nor is it the definition of beauty. 2. Your hair will grow back (relief if you don’t like how you look). 3. You won’t know if being bald suits you or not unless you actually try it. 4.If you don’t like how you look there’s always the turban hair accessory to turn to. 5. Amber Rose’s friends tried to talk her out of shaving her head and now it’s her signature look.

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