link It’s Food… Only You Drink It?

Personally, we’re food kinda girls. We love to smell food, see food and EAT FOOD (all in moderation, just like the good doctor ordered). But sometimes, instead of trying to eat all our daily essential nutrients (this many pieces of fruit and that many vegetables), we pop them into a blender and drink them either throughout the day with the rest of our meals (we’re talking solid food here), or we drink them alternatively (every other day) for the whole day. Smoothies, more than just being a meal replacement, are a convenient way of introducing health into one’s diet. They’re generally quite tasty, easy to make, and (as we’ve mentioned above) ensure you get in all the necessary daily fruit/veg proportions.

life cafe 2The idea isn’t to get too carried away – we’re not encouraging extreme dieting AT ALL. Instead take control of your health and make healthier and nutritional decisions. Instead of reaching for that packet of chips (once in a while is ABSOLUTELY OK) plan meals ahead and/or have a delicious smoothie. We’re all guilty of eating what we find fastest rather than what we need (I’m sometimes a first class offender, especially when I get stuck in my work). Either we’ve waited until we’re really hungry before we do something about it (another bad habit) or we lack the creativity to perform Nigella miracles in our kitchens (particularly when preparing meals during the day).

Below are some sites with great smoothie recipes – some we’ve tried personally. Others…well, we’ll let you be the food critics 😉

Bonne appetite! A FAVOURITE OF OURS!!

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