link February: Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month

“February is Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month and, following an indulgent year-end, is meant to stop us in our tracks and remind us of the importance of following a healthy, balanced lifestyle if we are to realise our goals of living a longer, more fulfilled life. The healthier people are – physically and mentally – the better they are equipped to deal with the strains and stresses of everyday life, remain economically active and productive, and contribute to a stable society and country. More importantly, staying healthy is an excellent form of insurance against the high costs of medical treatment.” –

Now that the descriptions are out of the way, here’s a little inspiration from our favourite angel. Cameron Diaz may not be plus size, BUT she’s saying all the right (AND IMPORTANT) things about women’s bodies and the importance of a living a healthy lifestyle. THIS IS NOT A DIET BOOK. Rather “… a guide to becoming yourself.”

Have a look!

The Body Book, by Cameron Diaz with Sandra Bark (published by HarperCollins)

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