We’re a creative pair (no really, we’re twins!) inspired by the wonderful world of plus size. Together we’ve fashioned a brand that not only promotes the beauty of fuller figured women, but supports a change in attitude towards plus size fashion, body image and lifestyle.

“This brand, this blog, is a celebration of fashion, health and the very thing that brings us together… our curves.”

Lala- Founder of the brand Plus Size is ME (Pty) Ltd

“No, we should not be defined by our body shapes. Yes,  we should define our body shape through messages of love, pride and acceptance.”

Nkanyezi – Co-founder of the brand Plus Size is ME (Pty) Ltd



  1. Hi Lala and Nkanyezi! I totally love your blog. The picture of the chocolate is to die for! Kept looking at it for a while.
    I am contacting you because I am helping a young fashion designer to her grow her brand. You can check her website here http://www.myrdaj.com/
    I would love to email you more about it and see if we can do something together. My email is mksalvado@gmail.com
    Thank you!

  2. Your road is filled with nothing but success & greatness!! ♥ Never been so proud & excited about anyone & anything like I am of you two!
    Well done!!!
    love you ladies x♥x

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